Wafa project


Project details

  • Project Name: Wafa gas & oil processing plant – EPC project
  • Country: Libya
  • Project Location Wihin Country: Wafa desert near Gadames, 500km from sea shore and Wafa Coastal, near Mellitah
  • Name of the Client: AGIP GAS BV
  • Start Date: 2002
  • Completion Date: 2005

Project Description


  • Well site, gathering and arrival facilities,
  • Gas and oil trains,
  • Required utility generation and offsite units necessary for the proper operation of the plant,
  • Wafa infrastructures, including: support facilities, logistic area, airport and the usual of any plant technical buildings,
  • Export storage facilities.



  • Liquid fractionating and treating units,
  • Integrated utility generation units Infrastructures, including: support facilities, logistic area and the usual of any technical buildings plant,
  • Products storage and export facilities:
    • 2 stabilised oil buffer tanks -250,000 bbl each
    • 2 stabilised oil main tanks -600,000 bbl each
    • 2 propane tanks 30,000 bbl each
    • 2 butane tanks   27,000 bbl each
  • Jetty and ship loading facilities.


Production capacity

Expected production levels are the following:

  • Sales gas : 4.44 BSCM/Y (~ 10 BSCM/Y including NC-41)
  • Liquid products : 60,600 bbl/d stabilized oil
  • 13,200 bbl/d liquid propane
  • 7,700 bbl/d liquid butane



  • Engineering of all gas, condensates & LPG treatment units, compression units and flare at Wafa Coastal (condensates stabilisation, LPG treatment, dehydration, mercaptans removal, C3/C4 splitter)
  • Technical support to procurement activities
  • Support to commissioning activities