Shangdong LNG

Shangdong 1st LNG ship for commissioning
Shangdong 1st LNG ship for commissioning

Project details

  • Project Name  : SHANDONG LNG Terminal
  • Country:  China
  • Project Location Within Country: Qingdao
  • Name of Client:  SINOPEC
  • Start Date: September 2010
  • Completion Date: September 2015

Project description 

COMPANY has developed the FEED design of SHANDONG LNG terminal and the review of the detail engineering developed by a Chineese design institut.

The Shandong LNG project includes a 900 m Jetty and its associated Berth platform on which are installed 5 unloading 16’’ arms LNG, 3 LNG tank of 160,000 m3, re-gasification unit (with 4 ORV and 5 SCV), a C2+ recovery unit (with column for 4 stages of separation C2, C3, C4 and C5+, storage tanks and truck loading facilities), LNG cold energy utilization (Air separation unit designed by others), a send-out unit (composed of 10 pumps) and a fiscal metering system.


SOFREGAZ scope of work

SOFREGAZ has performed the following activities:

  • FEED design of the installation
  • Supervision of the Detail engineering
  • Training services
  • Assistance during commissioning
  • Assistance during the performance test