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Project Name : Ivory Coast LNG Import Project

Country : Ivory Coast

Project Location : Abidjan – Ebrié Lagoon / Vridi channel

Name of the Client : TOTAL

Start Date : Phase 1 : May 2016 Phase 2 : Dec 2016

Completion Date  : Phase 1 : August 2016 Phase 2 : May 2017


Project description

TOTAL is promoting the import of LNG into the energy mix of Ivory Coast. Several infrastructure options were studied during the conceptual phase and then the pre-FEED phase.


Scope of work

Phase 1-  Preliminary conceptual design – LNG Floating Storage and Regasification Unit  (FSRU)

Options :

·           Base case : FSRU moored to a jetty in the Ebrié lagoon

·           Alternate 1: FSRU spread moored in Ebrié the lagoon with gas pipeline to shore

·           Alternate 2:  FSRU moored to a pocket berth in Vridi channel

FSRU  storage capacity is 170 000 m3 and regasification capacity ranges 100 to 400MMSCFD


SOFREGAZ performed :

·           Site selection study

·           Plot plant

·           3D design mapping

·           Conceptual design

·           Cost estimate (maritime infrastructure, jetty, balance of plant , pipeline connections)


Phase 2 Pre-FEED  – FSRU / FSU (LNG Floating Storage Unit)

5 options have been considered:

·           FSRU moored to an  on-shore jetty

·           FSU moored to an on-shore jetty; regasitication with Intermediate Fluid Vaporizers and sea water

·           FSU moored to on-shore jetty; regasitication with Shell & Tube Vaporizers and air heaters

·           FSRU located off-shore with spread mooring

·           FSRU moored off-shore to a jetty


For each option, SOFREGAZ performed :

·           Process (Design Basis, Description, Technology Report, PFD, HMB, Equipment List, Hydraulic)

·           Safety (Safety Concept, HaZard IDentification Review)

·           Piping & Layout (Plot Plan)

·           Civil (Buildings List)

·           Electrical (Load List)

·           Cost estimates (CAPEX and OPEX)

  ·         Implementation schedule