Energy market is requiring flexibility as regards infrastructure and contract. Floating unit FSRU or FSU are being assessed as part of the potential configurations for developing LNG terminal. Sofregaz is supporting project developers in the comparison of the configurations from a technical and economics points of view. Sofregaz has developed as well the full competency to cope with FSRU/FSU new built to conversion projects from tenders preparation to execution phase. The battery limits include the offshore and onshore pipelines as well as the mooring definition.

Regasification being a key element in this configuration in term of constructability, integrability, performance and environment, Sofregaz is being able to deliver in 12 months to the customers a regasification module multi-technologies covering a large range of send out up to 750t/h.


  • Regasification Module IFV/STV
  • Engineering services related to the FSRU’s interface
  • Engineering  services related to the LNGC conversion